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Best PPC Lead Generation Strategies by John Ullman

There are many who believe that pay per click marketing isn’t suitable in the context of network marketing. Many of the best experts in the field of pay per click marketing have come out to claim Pay per Click marketing won’t fit well with the model of business for network marketing.

Pay per Click is a great tool exceptionally effective with network marketing, if you are aware of how to use it efficiently.

If you follow the right method, you will be able to generate unending leads through Pay per Click marketing. It is essential to develop an effective strategy that integrates with network marketing and an approach that is based on sound pay per click principles.

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The Proposal that was Funded Proposal

The most efficient way to create leads with pay-per-click marketing is to utilize a kind of a funding proposal. You promote an information product that is connected to the service or opportunity you offer with the primary network marketing firm.

It’s a challenge for the majority of network marketers to ensure that the pay per click figures help promote the product or service of network marketing.

The high margins of profit of information products makes it simpler to incorporate these products into promotions to aid in lead generation.

If you’re not using an unfunded proposal, but are interested in marketing your network’s offering or product There are several methods to do this with the pay-per-click.

Offer for Your Network Marketing Company Name

A great keyword to consider bidding on is your network marketing business name. If you spend the time to understand how to market your business using pay per click efficiently there will be very limited competition for keywords associated with your brand’s name.

Use Keywords Indirect

It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing a fund-raising proposal or your own product, or the opportunity of the parent company of network marketing Another great approach is to place a bid on keywords with low bid amounts, and are in some way associated with the product you’re trying to sell.

You’ll have to develop websites that relate to the terms you are bidding on. On those pages, you will also be able to advertise your opportunity, product or a funded proposal.

Create Keyword Groups of Ads

The biggest mistake many new marketers who want to pay per click do is to combine all their keywords in one advertisement. This is a serious error to avoid!

Combining your keywords into one ad dramatically improves your pay per Click cost and lowers your overall pay per-click results.

If you’re able to include all of your keywords on one ad, it is impossible to modify your ad to the keywords you’re bidding on. In turn, this decreases your click-through rates as well as increases your pay-per- click cost and decreases the number of leads you can generate.

The most efficient and efficient approach is to set up distinct groups of ads to target the specific keywords you’re bidding on. This will result in greater click through rates, lower costs and more leads for your company.

Utilize Split Testing

Another error that many marketers who use pay per click make is not separating the Pay per Click results and the ads that are displayed in the Content Network.

For certain search terms the results of a search engine will be superior to the results from the content networks. For other terms, the exact opposite happens.

This is the reason you need to ensure that you make sure that you keep search result separated from the results of your content network and design separate ads for both. In this way, you can monitor your results, run split tests, and find out what type of pay per click marketing produces the most effective results for you.

Marketing via Pay-Per-Click is a good option very well for network marketers provided you are able to utilize it. If you don’t make use of it correctly it could cost you on a significant amount of cash.

Put in the time, energy and money required to understand how to perform pay per click marketing in the proper method. It will bring you significant savings of money in the long term and pay per click can be a great leads generation option for you.

John Ullman opines that PPC is a digital advertising channel organizations use to derive traffic and conversions. If you are looking for alternatives to get high-quality traffic, PPC may be the best option. In addition, it is one of the best ways to grow your brand’s presence online. John Ullman written many books for beginners to learn PPC.


John Ullman is a Brisbane based SEO consultant specializing in digital marketing, analytics, SEO and Social Media. John work with clients from a range of industries including Law, Medical, Trades, Finance, Tourism and Ecommerce – the list goes on.

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